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A solid performing vehicle relies on a lot of parts all working together in unison. One weak link can have major impacts on the rest. Planned, regular maintenance of your vehicle is one of the best things you can do to ensure it survives all the miles you put into it.

The benefits are numerous, but a few reasons to keep your vehicle maintained include:

  • Avoiding sudden auto emergencies
  • Extending the lifetime of your car
  • Maximizing fuel efficiency
  • Ensuring the safety on the road
Save money and possible future accidents with maintenance services from Third Pedal.

Find local and professional auto maintenance

Find local and professional auto maintenance

At Third Pedal, we take pride in top-notch service that avoids any of the headaches you might encounter with exuberant mechanics. We'll perform tuneups, oil filter changes, tire rotations, inspections and all of the necessary maintenance services for a healthy vehicle. Text 319-521-7403 today for a free estimate.