We Teach Skills That Last a Lifetime

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Do you know how to change your oil? Fix a flat tire? These are simple and invaluable skills that will serve anyone for the rest of their lives. Anyone can learn at any age, but we especially want the younger generation in our community to have basic car maintenance and repair knowledge.

This is why Third Pedal started our Kid Program, designed to instill valuable lessons for teens in the Marion, IA area. They'll learn how to care for and respect their vehicles, while also discovering how a simple hands-on task like an oil change can empower them to take on the world around them.

We want to give back to our community

We want to give back to our community

How does our Kid Program work? We bring in an interested young guy or gal and teach them and train them every step of the while paying them an honest wage.

The difference between Third Pedal and your average mechanic is that we care about educating our customers. If a teen brings their car in for an oil change, we're happy to let them see exactly how we do it. No extra charge.

We love our community, and it's our mission to give back. Send us a text at 319-521-7403 to learn more about our Kid Program.